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Matte Velvet Waterproof Long Lasting Lipstick

Matte Velvet Waterproof Long Lasting Lipstick

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Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant
NET WT: 2.5g
Quantity: 1 Pc
lipstick: waterproof velvet lipstick
lips makeup: long-lasting lip makeup
lips cosmetic: Velvet-Mist Matte lips
Super Waterproof: New clay texture, insoluble in water, with a super waterproof effect. It will transfer a little bit, but the color will stay on your lips forever.
Dual-use Lip and Cheek: The soft velvet-mist makeup can be used not only on your lips but also on your face, bringing a natural girlish feeling to your face.
1:Lipclay texture 
2:Velvet-mist matte
3:Curved plush brush head gives a more even color
4:Super waterproof
5:Smooth and soft like silk
6:High pigment
How to use:
Dip a small amount of lip clay and gently push away with a curved plush brush to get a matte velvet-mist finish. Do this a few times to get a richer color.
Lip clay is a special texture. If the lips are caking, you can use your fingers to lightly blend and get a velvet-mist effect.


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