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Leaf Shape Makeup Brush Drying Rack

Leaf Shape Makeup Brush Drying Rack

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Cosmetic Brush Drying Rack
★Creative leaf shapes: Stick it on top of a mirror or glass door to form a complete leaf.
★The veins of the leaf are used to store makeup brushes, which are creative and fun.
★Hanging makeup brushes on the wall: On the wall to dry + store, neat and orderly, 
★Drain and ventilate to dry; Daily storage, easy to hold and pick up.
★Can store a variety of rod-shaped makeup brushes: From small lip brushes to large powder brushes. Long and short stems can be stored, making them more widely applicable.
★Extra platform for beauty eggs: Save space and not easy to lose.
★Thickened elastic EVA material: Flexible and durable, waterproof and anti-mildew Not easy to cut the brush bar baking paint, upside down does not fall off.
★Adhesive backing strong paste: A tear that sticks, no punching, no damage to the wall. (backing can not be wet)

★ 1pc* Makeup brush drying rack 


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