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Maroon Simba

Brow Lift Kit and Eyelash Eyebrow Dye Tint Combo Brow Perm Brow Dye

Brow Lift Kit and Eyelash Eyebrow Dye Tint Combo Brow Perm Brow Dye

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Number of Pieces: COMBO
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Size: Full Size
Weight: 210g
Model Number : IKA019+IKA-021
Benefit : CURLING; Thick; Lengthening; Nutritious
Origin: Mainland China
Type: Eyelash Growth Treatments
Dye Tint Kit Net Weight: 25ml
Brow Lift Net Weight: 17ml
Dye Tint Kit Color: Black; Brown; 
Shelf Life: 18 Months;3-5 Months After Opened
Advantage: Waterproof; Safe
Dye Tint Keep Time: For 45-60 Days
Eyebrow Lifting Keep Time: For 45-60 Days 



New DIY Brow Lift Kit And Eyelash Eyebrow Dye Tint Kit Combo.


1. Combination pack; multiple effect: Great Eye Makeup Combo To Lift Eyebrow ; Dye Eyelash/Brow/Beard.

2. Long Lasting: Keep Eyebrow Lifting For 45-60 Days; Keep Eyelash Eyebrow Beard Dye For 45-60 Days.



1.  Brow Lift Kit:     *1 Kit

2.  Eyelash Eyebrow Dye Tint Kit:    *1Kit

3.  Dye Tint Color: Black; Coffee; Brown (3 colors optional)

4.  Shelf Life: 18 Months Unopened;3-5 Months After Opening

5.  Function:  Perm Eyebrow; Dye Eyelash ; Dye Eyebrow and Dye Beard


Upgrade Version Dye Tint Kit:

1.New Upgraded 3 In 1 Dye Tint Kit; Dye Eyelash/Eyebrow/

2.No Need Extra Tools Required

3.10-15 Minutes Fast Dye Eyelash\ Eyebrow \Beard; Very Easy To Use.

4.Salon or personal use.Can DIY for dying brows and beards; dye lashes only for professionals.

5.1 tint kit can be used on 5 persons. After dyeing; the color can be kept for 45-60 days.


New Brow Lift Kit:
1.Full Set of Brow Lifting Tools:Perm Loton; Fixation Lotion; Glue; Mascara Brush; Long Cotton Swab; Eyebro Knife; Eyelash Scissors.
2.It can make your eyebrows more attractive!
3.Eyebrow perm is fast; efficient; hygienic and durable.
4.Convenience Use; you can make it by yourself at home!
5.1 Kit Can Be Used on 10 to 15 People.Keep Brow Lifting for 45 to 60 Days

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